WHAT IS VINTAGE? Technically, anything 20 years and older can be considered vintage.

ON CONDITION It is important to note that most vintage pieces have been previously worn. We thoroughly inspect every piece we carry before adding it to our shop. Any condition notes will be listed in the item description. We do our best to note flaws like holes, tears, fading, stains and any smells. If there are no condition notes in a description, you can assume that it is free from any notable flaws.  

Occasionally, we carry “Deadstock” pieces. These are items that have the original tags attached, have never been worn before and are flawless.
KNOW YOUR MEASUREMENTS The first thing you should do before buying a vintage item is take note of your measurements. Please visit our size guide for tips on measuring.

THERE’S ALWAYS THE TAILOR If you fall in love with a piece that is too big for you, consider having it tailored to fit. It’s easier than you may think to have a piece altered, and usually not prohibitively expensive. If you have questions about seam allowances or need advice, simply send us an email.

IF YOU LOVE IT, DON’T LOSE IT Remember, this is vintage, therefore we only have one of each item to sell. Most vintage pieces are rare finds that you wont come across again and once something is sold, chances are it’s gone for good. Simply put: If you love it, buy it. 
Customer Care: info@shopmaeven.com